Samsung Reportedly Dropping Plans To Substitute Google Search With Bing

About a month ago, thеrе wеrе rumors that Samsung considered doing thе impossible and switching from Googlе Sеarch to Bing Sеarch. It was said that Samsung was in talks with Microsoft to makе Bing Sеarch thе dеfault sеarch еnginе on its Galaxy smartphonеs and computеrs. But, in a big change of plans, it looks like this won’t happen after all.

Google Can Breathe Easy, At least For Now!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung has abandoned its intention to replace Google Search with Bing Search. This decision seems to be here to stay and is unlikely to change soon. Previously, the reason for the transition was supposedly Microsoft’s Bing AI. Back then, the competition for AI dominance was still in its early stages, and Samsung did not want to fall behind. Even when Google introduced its Bard AI, it was not yet polished enough to show immediate potential.

There’s no information on the abrupt change of heart, although it might be related to Google’s recent demonstration of their strong AI game at the Google I/O 2023 event. Perhaps the awareness contributed to the agreement’s termination, or the transaction was insufficiently profitable for Microsoft.

On the other hand, part of the reasons may be traced back to the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA). Google launched MADA to form strategic alliances with OEMs to virtually compel them to adopt Google Search as their default search engine. Even though MADA is not documented, it does allow Google the authority to interfere. The Google Mobile Services (GMS) Agreement also requires associated OEMs to maintain Google services front and center. This may be why Samsung does not want to jeopardize its partnership with Google.

Whatever the cause, Google may not be supplanted after all. We must not forget that Google’s search engine business generates most of its income. According to reports, the search giant received an estimated $3 billion from Samsung alone in fiscal year 2022-23.

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