OpenAI launches a free ChatGPT app for iOS

ChatGPT is now available on mobile devices. Today, OpenAI announced the release of an official iOS app that would enable users to use its famous AI chatbot while on the move, months after the App Store was flooded with questionable, unlicensed services. According to the firm, the new ChatGPT app for iOS will be free to use, ad-free, and include voice input, although it will initially be restricted to customers in the United States.

The ChatGPT app, like its desktop version, enables users to communicate with an AI chatbot to ask questions without doing a typical online search, as well as gain advice, discover inspiration, study, research, and more. Given the limitations of Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, and Apple’s lack of AI advancement, the latest update may encourage more customers to utilize ChatGPT as their primary mobile assistant. The introduction also influences Google, which now benefits from being the default search engine in Safari on Apple’s iPhone.

Mobile version ChatGPT

Using the mobile version of ChatGPT will sync your history across devices, meaning it will remember what you previously looked for through its online interface and make it available. The app also connects with Whisper, OpenAI’s open-source speech recognition technology, to enable voice input.

OpenAI claims ChatGPT Plus customers will be able to utilize GPT-4’s capabilities via the new app and have early access to future features and quicker response times. The subscription service was introduced in February and costs $20 monthly for improved services such as access to ChatGPT even during busy hours.

According to thе corporation, thе nеw app will be availablе in thе Unitеd Statеs today and in othеr countriеs in thе “coming wееks. ” A version for Android is also promisеd to be “coming soon. ”

OpenAI launches an official ChatGPT app for iOS
Image Credits: OpenAI (App Store screenshot)

An earlier report by Semafor said that people thought OpenAI was working on a mobile client, but the company wouldn’t say anything about it.

The ChatGPT app came out when big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook were experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and adding AI features to their search engines. In the case of Google and Microsoft, this is done through an expensive partnership with OpenAI. However, reaching ChatGPT directly on mobile without a search engine or website could change how people search for and connect with information on their phones today.

ChatGPT app for iOS

One thing that could make the ChatGPT app for iOS more appealing than AI features in search apps is that it has no ads. In a blog post, OpenAI refers to this by saying that users can get immediate replies “without sifting through ads or multiple results.” The comment is a sly jab at its partner since Bing already sneaks ads into its artificial intelligence-powered Bing Chat and ignores search engines.

Even the App Store description for ChatGPT talks about how it doesn’t have ads. It’s one of the few benefits it notes, along with being able to sync your past and access the newest models from OpenAI.

The app is also coming out just a few days after Google took Bard, its own AI robot, off the waiting and said it was now available in English at this month’s Google I/O developer conference.

ChatGPT and AI on the iPhone do seem to be wanted by some iPhone users. A recent study from app store information source found that as of late March, users had already spent over $14 million on the top 10 mobile AI apps this year. This is an increase of 11% over February.

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