Microsoft Edge New Gaming Mode ‘Edge for Gamers’

Microsoft is increasing its efforts to get gamers involved with a new feature called “Edge for Gamers.” This mode is meant to improve the user experience inside and outside games.

A story from Bleeping Computer says the new mode will allow for several improvements, such as a home page focused on games and new tab apps for players.

A Twitter user named Leopeva64 noticed that the “Edge for Gamers” setting seems to be being tried in Microsoft Edge’s Canary channel, though it may not be open to everyone in the Canary channel.

Microsoft Edge New Gaming Mode ‘Edge for Gamers’

A gaming efficiency setting, which presumably decreases browser resource utilization to deliver the greatest in-game experience, is also included in the anticipated update. Users that activate the Edge for Gamers mode can choose from various customization choices that correspond with known gaming aesthetics, such as dark mode (which we are ecstatic about; dark mode is everything) and game-specific themes.

The new mode is currently in the development phases. Once the feature is online, users may go to their settings and activate “Edge for Gamers” under the Customize browser section.

According to Bleeping Computer, activating the option has no discernible effect on the browser experience. When the mode is activated, users are instantly taken to the Edge Add-ons Store’s themes area, and major gaming sites like Discord and Twitch are added to the sidebar.

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