Meta Launches Paid Verification Program in the UK: Enhancing User Trust and Safety

Meta Verified, Meta’s premium verification product, is now available in the United Kingdom for £9.99 per month for both Facebook and Instagram. It is aimed toward creators and provides perks such as proactive impersonation prevention, customer support, and a blue badge for verification.

The subscription service was originally made available to clients in Australia and New Zealand in February. Meta Verified became available to users in the United States in March. Meta introduced its verified program after Elon Musk’s Twitter relaunched its premium verification membership plan dubbed Twitter Blue.

Social media strategist Matt Navarra said the company made the news on the Meta Creators Community UK group. According to reports, the application was created with the help of upcoming creators.

Users should be aware that payments for Instagram and Facebook verification vary. Subscribers must be at least 18, activate two-factor authentication, and present a government ID for identity verification.

Meta subscribers

According to Meta, subscribers must also have a display name that matches their official ID. The decision to reveal the identities of certain people who may not wish to share their genuine names for their safety has sparked outrage among S*x workers, trans artists, and other privacy advocates.

Meta subscribers are now prohibited from altering their usernames, names, or profile images. However, the company claimed to be building the necessary tools and processes. In contrast to Twitter, Meta does not seek to remove legacy verification from well-known accounts. A traditional verification badge and the new Meta Verified subscription verification badge are aesthetically indistinguishable.

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