Google intends to use new AI models for ads and to assist YouTube creators

According to documents from inside Google, the company plans to use creative artificial intelligence powered by large language models (LLMs) to automate advertising and advertising-supported customer services. This is part of the company’s plan to quickly add new AI technology to its most important goods.

Last week, Google showed off PaLM 2, its newest and most powerful LLM. Palm 2 has been taught with a lot of text data and can respond to questions and orders in a way that sounds like a person. According to papers, some Google groups plan to use PaLM 2-powered tools to offer videos to YouTube makers and let marketers make their own media assets.

Google has also been testing PaLM 2 for YouTube material aimed at young people, looking at things like names and how people are shown. The company has been trying to give artists five video ideas based on important topics using the technology.

Chatbot Crazе

Thе chatbot crazе is sprеading quickly through thе tеch industry and has еvеn caught thе attеntion of Monеy Road. Googlе and its partnеrs, including Microsoft, Mеta, and Amazon, arе trying to put their most complicatеd models in as many products as possible. Sincе thе public rеlеasе of OpеnAI’s ChatGPT, which was backеd by Microsoft, at thе еnd of last yеar, it bеcamе clеar that thе futurе of intеrnеt sеarch was suddеnly in dangеr, and Googlе has fеlt thе nееd to act quickly.

After almost 20 years of stеady and fast growth, Googlе has been stuck in a long pеriod of slow incomе growth ovеr sеvеral quartеrs. Sincе last year, sponsors have bееn bringing in wеb-basеd advеrtising spеnding plans, which have hurt Googlе, Facеbook, and other companies. This yеar, paid sеarch advеrtising convеrsion ratеs havе dеcrеasеd in almost еvеry industry еxcеpt for Googlе.

According to the papers, Google AI models plans to spend more on creative AI services and search, email, and spreadsheets to increase income and improve profits. Archives show that a virtual customer service system powered by artificial intelligence could find over 100 Google products, such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Android Search, and Guides.

Chatbots for automated customer service could answer specific questions in short, easy-to-understand lines and let customers ask more questions before offering an advertising strategy to meet their needs.

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A Google representative declined to comment.

With the help of Google Duet and Chat, people can now get answers to questions about the cloud, such as how to use certain cloud services or functions or specific plans for applying their projects. They can do this by using simple, normal language.

Documents show that Google is also working on a tool for making images similar to Stable Diffusion. Like OpenAI’s DALL-E, the technology from Stable Dispersion can quickly send pictures in different styles with text-based titles from the client.

It doesn’t surprise that Google wants to use its latest AI models in ads. Meta, the company that owns Facebook, showed off the AI Sandbox last week. It is a “testing playground” for marketers to try out new ad tools that AI drives. The company also announced changes to Meta Benefit, a set of online tools and products that publicists can use to help their goals.

Google Showcasing Live, an event that happens once a year, will occur on May 23, and new ideas will be shown to sponsors. The company hasn’t said what it will announce yet, but AI will be a big part.

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