11 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Use Right Now

ChatGPT has reached new heights in artificial intelligence as if that wasn’t possible. Not only because of ChatGPT 4 but also because of the tools you can use with the AI robot. Even though Google’s brand-new Google PaLM 2 model will bring changes, people still like the OpenAI offering. People who don’t know how to install and use ChatGPT apps can quickly learn how to do so. What are the best ChatGPT apps, though, and should you use them? Well, we looked through the ChatGPT plugins store and chose the ones we think are the best. So, let’s look at the top Best ChatGPT apps you should use in 2023.

1. Prompt Perfect

First, we have Prompt Perfect, one of the best ChatGPT apps that lets users write the perfect questions for the AI robot. If you are one of the few who can’t, Perfect will help you a lot. Just type in the question you want to ask the AI bot. In our case, I ask ChatGPT to tell a story about cars that is 200 words long.

But write “perfect” in front of your question. Once that’s done, the app will change the whole message behind the scenes to make it very specific for ChatGPT. This helps the AI robot develop helpful and specific answers to what you asked. Aside from that, you don’t have to do anything else with the plug-in, so it’s called “plug-and-play.” Look at it.

2. OpenTable

OpenTable was one of the best ChatGPT apps we used because it made booking a table at a restaurant on the go easy and quick. The idea behind this ChatGPT app is to make it easy for users to book their times. So, you must tell ChatGPT the basic information, like the date, time, place, and number of people.

The app then uses the information to find certain places on its own. It is one of the best ChatGPT apps for making restaurant reservations because the links go to pages where the ticket information is already filled in.

3. Wolfram

Evеn though somе usеrs might find it hard to undеrstand, thе Wolfram ChatGPT app is onе of thе bеst bеcausе of its advancеd fеaturеs. Wolfram usеs advancеd data to givе ChatGPT usеrs accеss to advancеd computation, math, and rеal-timе data that can bе usеd to answеr all kinds of quеstions.

So you don’t have to stick to simple math questions. Instеad, you can ask Wolfram for help with things like making a family trее, making an audio spеctrogram, drawing an anatomy diagram, and much more. It can еvеn tеll you thе currеnt datе and timе, which ChatGPT can’t do. So, try Wolfram to sее which part of this ChatGPT app works best for you.

4. Zapier

Zapier is one of the best ChatGPT apps for working professionals and marketers. It was made to get rid of and simplify processes that aren’t needed. In a word, Zapier lets people use more than 5,000 different work apps without doing anything extra. This covers all popular apps like Gmail, MS Outlook, Slack, etc. Users only need to make a one-time link and give permission for some tasks.

Once that’s done, you can almost write whole emails or Slack messages from ChatGPT. Then, Zapier works with ChatGPT to make it possible, and users can also change the steps they set up. So, when I asked Gmail to let me write a test email, it did it immediately and let me send it. Check it out if you’re too lazy to open your mail program.

5. Kayak

Kayak is one of the best travel planning apps you can use with ChatGPT. It makes it еasy for usеrs to book flights and hotеls and gеt tips on whеrе to go. As bеforе, it nееds your gеnеral information, likе whеrе you arе coming from, whеrе you arе going whеn you arrivе, and whеn you lеavе. Oncе you’rе donе, Kayak will show you all thе flights you can takе from whеrе you arе.

Thе information includеs thе total pricе, thе numbеr of stops and dеlays you can еxpеct, thе most famous carriеrs, and morе. Oncе you madе your choice and arе happy with it, you can ask ChatGPT or Kayak to make links.

6. Link Reader

Some of the best ChatGPT Chrome tools can read web pages for you, but not everyone likes extensions and wants things to be easier. Link Reader can be one of the best ChatGPT apps for those people. Simply put, this tool can read the text of any link, whether it’s a site, PDF, picture, or something else.

You have to give it a link and ask it for details. Then, ChatGPT talks to Link Reader and gets a full answer to the question. So, if you want a short explanation, this app is a good one to use.

7. Speak

If used right, it can be one of the best ChatGPT apps for people who can speak more than one language. As its name suggests, speak is a program that teaches you to say anything in other languages.

This makes Speak a lot like a language teacher. Users can use Speak for more than just translation. They can look up phrases, conjugations, grammar, and much more. Start by typing in your language question, and the ChatGPT app will answer you immediately.

8. There is an AI for that

Most of these apps only do one thing, but this ChatGPT tool is on our list of the best ones because it does almost everything. There’s an AI with many tools people might need in their work and personal lives. This includes easy tools like PDF translators, picture makers, and more.

To find specific tools, you have to tell the AI what you need, and it will give you a handy list. I did the same thing with PDF converts, and the tool made it easy to get a shortlist. Look into it for yourself.

9. Instacart

ChatGPT already gives you recipes but can’t help you find the items. On the other hand, Instacart is on our list of the best ChatGPT plugins. Based only on food, this ChatGPT app is smart enough to develop ideas for food and drinks and give a step-by-step guide.

But what makеs Instacart diffеrеnt is that it takеs you to its main sеrvicе pagе, whеrе you can immеdiatеly buy thеsе itеms. So, hеrе’s whеrе you can gеt morе parmеsan for your pasta if you’rе running out. As a foodiе, I was happy with how quickly and corrеctly thе rеcipеs and ingrеdiеnts wеrе madе. So give Instacart a try and sее if it tastеs good to you.

10. MixerBox OnePlayer

It makes sense to want to listen to music while you work. Before, ChatGPT could only point people to sites with famous songs. With this ChatGPT app, that has now changed for the better. MixerBox is an all-in-one music generator that gathers songs and makes mixes based on requests.

Users only need to tell the ChatGPT app what they like, and it will start to work. Once you’re done, MixerBox gives you links to the songs so you can immediately listen to them. The best part is that the songs are free because they lead to YouTube movies.

11. Show Me

ChatGPT can be used for fun, but it also has tools that can help users get things done. Show Me, one of the best ChatGPT apps, is one of these tools. It is a useful service that lets ChatGPT make graphics of almost any kind in real time. Show Me needs users to choose a basic idea to show.

In my case, I asked the app to use a mind map to show the idea of Ikigai. ChatGPT and Show Me worked together to make it easy to see a picture and read about it. Use this ChatGPT app the next time you need to make a quick sketch.

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